HELiMESH™ Quality

At HELiMESH™ quality is paramount. A considerable amount of Research and Development has been undertaken to arrive at the highest possible level of quality.

Extensive testing has been carried out in accordance with the British Civil Aviation Authority’s ‘CAP437 - Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas’ Safety Nets (December 2008 release) and Oil & Gas UK - Helideck Perimeter Safety Nets - Issue 2 - March 2008. This testing was conducted under the supervision of DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and the HELiMESH™ safety net system has been proven to exceed the drop testing requirements of both documents.

Part of HELiMESH’s ongoing commitment to quality is materials traceability. With each and every project an MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report) is provided to the client on delivery and includes all Manufacturer's Mill Certificates. Furthermore, as an additional quality control measure HELiMESH™ PMI (Positive Material Identification) tests every new batch of stainless steel material components to verify the grade as 316. Such testing is conducted via a contracted third-party metallurgical laboratory and materials are quarantined until a positive result is confirmed.



295kg Drop Test

Drop test being conducted in accordance with CAP 437 (December 2008) / Oil & Gas UK (March 2008). The test was completed successfully and without failure. 

1000kg static load test

The surface area footprint of the test weight is less than 0.1m2 and there was no damage to the Helimesh safety net on removal of the weight.

HELiMESH™ is a 316 grade stainless steel Safety Net system for Helicopter Landing Deck (Helidecks) Perimeter Structures